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What we do

We provide software and hardware to optimise spaces. We collect and analyse various types of data (occupancy, people counting, temperature, humidity, with more on the way) and send feedback to the relevant control systems

As a result, we are able to supply a variety of modules including:

Conference Room & Desk Occupancy

We offer the first ever accurate real-time occupancy and space optimisation system. Companies can monitor usage of their desks and conference rooms in real-time. This helps their employees understand the current status of the building and can guide employees to find empty seats and conference rooms.  Facility managers can also study the occupancy of the desks, conference rooms, floors and the building as a whole to make better real estate planning decisions.


Lighting management & control

Light Management System

Our  wireless mesh allows us to scale our system easily to install  plug-and-play dimmable drivers to existing or new led light fixtures. We optimise lighting for greater comfort and energy savings, while providing automated or centralised control.


Machine learning, Analytics & control platform

Visualisation of occupancy throughout the day in a time-lapse animation

Our analytics & control platform provides a holistic view of what’s going on in your space and keep’s learning more about your space. Our data  offers a common and accurate vision of the companies space to real estate, facility management teams & architects.